Everyone faces some sort of adversity. Adversity is an unfortunate inevitability of life. Sometimes it’s family issues, financial struggles or health problems. Other times it’s work-related, in the form of communication problems with your boss, difficult co-workers, impossible deadlines, long hours, or other work-related issues. But how we choose to respond is the most important factor.
Instead of resisting adversity, gift yourself with something to thrive during hard times.
These three gifts will give you a resilient character in times of difficulty. These will create an atmosphere of peace that will surround you during trying times.
These gifts will grant you’re the ability to thrive and win over any obstacle you will encounter in your life.
The course includes:

  • 5 Strategies of a Peacemaker
  • The number one most important factor during any conflict – GAP
  • Importance of a Team

Organizations who want to communicate to their employees and other constituents that they are concerned about work-life balance.
Any group who is experiencing conflict within the team.
I have presented this topic to a wide array of industries – institutions, banks, corporations, and government organizations.
This presentation can be delivered as a half-day seminar.
The speaker will mix wisdom and humor in order to inform, equip and encourage the audience about the gifts they need to thrive during adversities. He will use activities that will impart life-changing messages that will touch the heart and soul of the listeners.
Languages of instruction are English and Filipino.