Walk To Forever

Newt and Catharine had grown up next door to each other on the fringe of a city near fields, woods and orchards. There had always been playful, comfortable warmth between them, but never any talk of love. When they grew up Newt left Catharine to become a soldier. Catharine, now in her twenties, was about to marry Henry Stewart Chasens. Upon learning about this from his mother, Newt realizes that he still loves Catharine. He goes AWOL from the army and hitchhikes home to see Catharine. Meanwhile, Catharine, secure in her love for Henry, makes final preparations for the marriage——and anxiously awaits the sensible and comfortable life to follow. When Newt arrives back home, he goes to her house and knocks on the door. He says to Catharine, “Let’s go for a walk.” Catherine was surprised to see him for she thought he had long disappeared in her life. “A walk?” she asks. Newt explains  – “one foot in front of the other, through leaves, and over bridges.” Eventually he convinces Catharine to take a walk in the nearby woods, as they used to do when children. Deep in these woods Newt and Catharine must resolve whether this is a short walk for old-times’ sake, or a long walk to forever.


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God Knows Your Name

“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.” – Billy, age 4

It never fails.

Every time I go to a coffee shop to order a drink, I have to change my name.

Why? Because the attendant almost always mispronounces it.


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Lasting Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Lasting Gifts - Arun GognaDo you want to leave a lasting legacy?

We all want to give the best to our children.

The best nutrition, the best education, the best care, the best parenting.
Arun Gogna, renowned preacher, experienced educator and seasoned parenting counselor, writes his first book ever on the subject of parenting.

In his usual wise, inspiring and often hilarious manner, he gives insights on family life and child-rearing that will equip parents who want only the best for their children.
If you seek to become a better parent that will leave a lasting legacy, no doubt this book is a valuable reference.

Amidst the wealth of information available nowadays, it offers a simple but effective formula: seven tools by which parents can convey to their children how much they are valued and loved.

Let these pages speak to you and take your parenting life to a higher level.

Happy Secrets to an Obedient Life

happy-secrets-arun-gognaAre you having fun yet?

Many people think that when you commit to follow God, your happy days are over. Welcome sour-faced suffering, crushing self-denial and straight-laced holiness.

Well, here’s a book that will shatter all those misconceptions. Because if you’re not experiencing freedom in obeying the Ten Commandments, then you misunderstood them!

In this delightful cross between a theological tome and an inspirational book, Arun Gogna asks of you, his reader, two things: Indulge in God’s most delicious Word.

And laugh your way to heaven.

Enjoy God’s Best for our Life

You deserve a wonderful Life!

Enjoy God’s Best for our Life - Arun GognaYes, you really do!

It’s your birthright to experience a grand life , to have over-the-top joy every single day and to live in plenty. Jesus said, “I came so that you might have life and for you to live it in abundance.”

God wants to give His best to you always. Only the best!

In the trail of his bestselling book Happy Secrets to an Obedient Life, renowned preacher Arun Gogna writes about his life, story after amusing story, in his first-ever collection of articles. Packed with nuggets of wisdom, hilarious insights and powerful lessons, he gives you inspiration you need to enjoy life to the full.

Through this book, you will be encouraged to live according to God’s purpose, blessed by the big and small miracles Arun narrates as you laugh and cry with every turn of the page.

If you’re searching for the life you deserve or want to live more fully, this inspiring book is especially for you!
Enjoy God’s Best, no less!

Today is your Day

Today is Your Day - Arun Gogna

Have you ever experienced waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Or having a “bad hair” day? Or maybe you feel that whatever you do, things just aren’t going your way.

Here’s the book to give you the inspiration you need to take it one day at a time. In this newest collection of enlightening stories, Catholic lay preacher Arun Gogna speaks straight to your heart , bringing you truths to live by, accompanied with his signature humor and wisdom.

Whatever situation you are in, this book has you covered. You will learn:

•    How  to enhance your relationships
•    How to know where you belong
•    How to stand up for truth
•    How to pray
•    How to cope with death
•    How to live a wonderful life

Receive God’s powerful Word and encouragement to become the person you ought to be.

Today IS Your day!


A very funny and inspiring speaker who has touched the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

Arun Ocop Gogna is the Feast builder of The Senior Feast Alabang in Festival Mall. He is the spiritual adviser of various Catholic Charismatic communities and the founder of Creative House Ministry, a group specializing in retreats and recollections for schools, parishes and corporations. He has given many values formation seminars to different corporations and educational institutions. A former professor at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, Arun graduated at the De La Salle University with B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering. He obtained his Masters in Religious Studies at the Don Bosco Center of Studies in Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque, and graduated magna cum laude.  Arun is also a Christian artist and has so far recorded two albums, Ikaw Lamang and Big in God’s Eyes. Arun has been serving the Lord for the past 30 years and says he will keep doing so until his last breath. Arun is presently residing in Parañaque, Metro Manila, with his wife, Dr. Lallaine Lucas Gogna, daughter Andrea Helene and son Yohan Gabriel.